1. Why BTI Solutions' Mobile Device Testing

Today’s advanced smart mobile devices require more rigorous and complex testing than ever. These situations create challenges for manufacturers due to release intervals to be shortened. Responding to these challenges with industry-leading experiences and a spirit of enthusiasm, BTI Solutions is committed to eliminating of these challenges with its mature tools, methods and highly experienced test engineers.

As shown in the table below, our services are customized based on our client needs.

Unit Description
Staff Provide test engineers to staff client-managed QA Team
Team Provide BTI Solutions-managed test team which consists of engineers and managers
Project Provide comp;ete BTI Solutions-managed QA Solutions which consists of engineers,
managers, project management and KPIs

We provide the right service at the right price, at the right time,
Client’s Data & Information Security – Guaranteed!

BTI Solutions has been providing 100% data & information security and satisfactory services to our clients with investigating and analyzing markets.

Our project managers and more than 250 test engineers who have experience on various operating systems, protocols, chipset solutions, devices, manufacturers and carriers work with our clients to create comprehensive test plan and flawlessly execute those plans to ensure on-time market launches, higher quality devices and overall lower cost.

2. BTI Solutions' Scope of Work

BTI Solutions’ testing expertise covers the entire mobile device lifecycle following,

Test Case Description
Lap IOT Testing
  • Infra IOT Lab Pre-Test
  • Device Vendors Lap Test
  • Data Performance, e HRPD, Call Processing
  • Mobility Test (iRat, System Selection Test)
Field Testing
  • 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Field Driving Test
  • iRat Test, Data Performance, eHRPD, Call Processing
  • OTA Provisioning Test (BIP)
  • gps dRIVING tEST, LBS Test
  • Test plan and case optimization
  • Customer issue technical support
Intensive Testing
  • Post Launch Test/ User Trial Test
  • Manual and Automated testing
  • VoLTE Voice/ Voice call features
  • SMS/MMS, Buletooth, WiFi, Voice UI, Battery & Current Consumption

3. BTI Solutions' Quality Control


4. BTI Solutions' Test Services

BTI Solutions offer customized testing services from the mobile product poin tof view on telecommunication modem chipset to customers on 3GPP( GSM | GPRS | UMTS | HSPA | LTE ) and non-3GPP( CDMA | CDMA 2-000 | 1xEVDO | WiMAX  ) networks

Test Case Description
Interoperability Test Lab IOT
  • CDG 2 IOT Test
  • LTE IOT, LTE Lab conformance Test, iRAT | eHRPD Test
  • Data Performance Test (3G/4G)
  • OTA Provisioniing Test (BIP), UICC Test
  • VoLTE, WiFi Calling, LTE-M, IR-94
Network Field IOT
  • CDG 3 IOT Test: 3G Call Processing, SMS etc.
  • LTE Field Test: iRAT | eHRPD Test, System Selection Test, VoLTE Test
  • Data Performance Test


Field Test Carrier Requirement Test
  • AT&T (10776, 16411), TMO PRD, Verizon FIT, Sprint Slate/Chameleon
  • Call Processing, FOTA, Data Throughput (eHRPD, LTE), Feature test cases (SMS etc)
KPI Test
  • 2G/3G: Call connectivity Test, CSV Long Duration, MM-SMS/MMS Test, MO/MT SMS over CSV,

    PSD Long Duration, MM CSV+PSD Test, PS Downlink/Uplink, MM PSD Long Duration

  • CSFB (Circuit Switch Falling Back) Call Connectivity Test
  • Inter-RAT Cell Reselection/Handover Test, Inter-Band Handover
Others GPS Test
  • GPS Lab, Driving Test, GPS stationary Test
Bluetooth Test
  • Bluetooth Test Profiles


  • Bluetooth UI Test
    Bluetooth GUI Test | Bluetooth Sound Quality Test
Wi-Fi Test
  • Wi-Fi Standard Test (IEEE, WiFi Alliance)
  • Wi-Fi UI Test, Wi-Fi IOT Test
Power Consumption Test
  • Standby Time, Talk Time
  • Active Time (Using Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | GPS turned on)
  • Using Multimedia (Youtube, etc) | GPS based Applications (Navigator, Maps, etc) | Brower
  • Complex Usage Profile Test
UI Test
  • Functionality & Correctness of UI Test
  • Performance Test & Robustness Test
QA Test
  • Hardware and Software Quality Assurance Testing for Android devices (Phone/Tablet)
  • IOT support for various carriers
  • Smart Pay
  • Smart Car
Chipset Verification Test
  • Lab IOT Test (ex: AT&T 10776, Verizon Lab Conformity Test, etc)
  • Network Field IOT & Performance Test
Miscellaneous Services
  • Project Issue Management
  • Test Plan & Test Case Optimization
  • Pre-Launch Test
  • Post-Launch Test