Why BTI Engineering &Network Deployment Service

BTI has been in business for over 10  years,  with a combined leadership experience of more than 100 years. We have positioned ourselves to be a leader in  Turn Key RF  Engineering, A&E, IBS Solutions, Construction  Build Deployment & Field Maintenance  Services in the Telecom / Wireless space.

BTI can provide clients a “Single Point of  Contact” and “One Stop Shop” for all of their program requirements.

BTI’s Workforce and Qualifications


Majority of the BTI workforce have a minimum of a Bachelors degree  in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science

  • 40% of the workforce has Masters Degree or higher
  • 50% BS/BA


Over 15,000 training hours over past three years
(Classroom & Hands- on)

Training course work covered:

  • RF Planning, Design, and Optimization
  • DAS Walk-test, IBS Systems Planning and Design
  • Data Collection for LTE, UMTS and GSM using: TEMS,
    Agilent, QXDM and JDSU
  • LTE Planning, Design and Optimization
  • Nokia (ALU), Ericsson and Samsung Commissioning and
    Integration Certification
  • OSHA 10, ComTrain, CPR, Driver Refresher, Intro to Quality
  • PIM, Sweep, Fiber Training and Certification
  • CommScope, PPC Connector Training

BTI’s Services


1. Network Design & Optimization Services

  • Network Swap Planning
  • CW Testing & Model Tuning
  • RF Cell Planning/Preliminary Design
  • Design OptImization/Final Design
  • Capacity Planning and Parameter Tuning
  • KPI Optimization
  • RFDS and Data Build Creations
We have approved equipment & tools to support DAS Optimization efforts
Actix, WindCatcher & iBwave tools to support design & optimization activities
We have trained and experienced engineers for DAS optimization
  • DAS & Small Cell Design
  • Site Shakedown, Data Collection
If OSS access is available, we can retrieve service metrics to generate KPI reports & provide trending analysis
We can provide live event optimization support for high call volume & capacity demanding venues

2. Network  Operations & Maintenance Services

1) Site Integration Services
  • Pre Integration:
  • Review Design Document, RFDS, RET Worksheet, CIQ.
  • Prepare scripts for integration as per CIQ and design document.
  • Perform pre-checks.
  • KPI monitoring of the underlying carriers.
  • Review MOPs and TT# , Prepare for Integration.
  • Add underlying carriers to the alarm report.


  • Integration:
  • Coordinate with Turf PM and schedule integration.
  • Check for valid TT tickets, MOPS for scheduled activities.
  • Perform Integration as per the CIQ.
  • Verify RBS, RSSI, VSWR and  RET information
  • Perform SSD test and E911 test.
  • Perform troubleshooting activities with Turf Crews in case of alarms.
  • Perform GS audit and implement any discrepancies.
  • Distribute alarm report to customer and other parties.


  • Post Integration Support:
  • Review alarm report/readings.

  • Perform GS audit and flag the discrepancies in the alarm report.

  • Perform pre checks and lock the sites back before the maintenance  window lapse.

  • Handover sites for Drive test and other optimization activities.

  • Provide high level overview of project on monthly basis, alarm  classification, issues resolved,  unresolved etc.


2) Integration Team
  • Our Integration team consists of 10 seasoned experts who have  previously worked with Ericsson, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile,  capabilities include; multitasking, expert in scripting and tool  development, integrations and technical support at regional and  market levels, well versed with TMO’ s process, TT and WO  handling, coordination with Market RF teams.
  • We have delivered numerous Integration projects on time. Most of our team has past TMO experience and has deep understanding of  T-Mobile Network.

3. Construction Build Services/ Filed Maintenance Serivces

1)  Construction Build Services/ Filed Maintenance Services

SELF PERFORMING CREWS -Site Deployment Network Installation/Expansion, L&A, I&CI  Field Maintenance, Field Audit/Survey, Punch List Correction Quality Assurance,  Disaster Recovery / Emergency  First Responder Services, and Decomm Services – Supporting Tier 1 OPRs and OEMs – Delivering “On-Schedule & On-Budget” performance


2) Trun-key Expertise and Experience



RAN/Access | Core | Transport | Intelligent Networks | A/E
Performance |Staffing | Site Acquisition | Deployment
Capacity | Inventory | Integration & Commissioning

3) Building Communication Networks
  • Program/Project Management
  • RF Services – L&A, BTS I&CI
  • Right-of-Way, Property & Asset Services
  • ISP/OSP Engineering & Structural Services
  • Facility Design Services
  • Construction Management/Inspection/PL Audits/Corrections, Asset Inventory audits
  • Construction (Civil, Electrical, Tower, Other)
  • Installation & Technical Services
  • Warehousing/Procurement & Logistics
  • Deployment Scheduling / Perf. Tracking
  • Field Maintenance Services – TT handling & trouble-shooting & corrective resolution
4) Installation & Technical Services
  • Fault Finding and Resolution
  • Fiber Splicing, Termination & Test
  • Equipment Upgrades & Optimization
  • Head-End Installations
  • Hub & Node Installations
  • Switch Installation
  • NOC Installation
  • Line and Antenna Sweep Tests & PIM Testing
  • AC and DC Power Plants Installation, Commission & Test
  • RF equipment, BTS and Cabinet Installation, Test & Integration
  • Surge and Power Protection Equipment Installation & Test
  • Structured Wiring – Voice, Data, Video, Access, CATV, CCTV, WAP, BAS, Alarm, LAN, WAN, PAN, Medical, WiFi, iDAS, oDAS
  • Utility Location Services – Sonding, Tone, GPR


5) Construction Management/ Inspection
  • Construction Planning & Scheduling
  • Feasibility & Constructability Studies
  • Site Walks & Site Audits
  • Contractor Selection & Coordination
  • Make-Ready Applications, E911 Addresses, Engineering Tickets
  • Permitting (Route, Node, Hub)
  • Specialty Permits (Railroads, EPA, COE, Bridges, DOT, etc.)
  • Utility Notification/Coordination
  • QA/QC, Audits and Safety Plans
  • MOT Plan Design & Implementation
  • Work Inspection and Supervision
  • Punch list Identification and Resolution
  • Site Construction Close-Out


6) Maintenance Services
  • Trouble Ticket Response
  • Call-out Assessments & Plan Recommendations
  • Modifications, Upgrades and Ancillary Services
  • Facility Maintenance Services
  • Site and Network Maintenance
  • Spares/Inventory Storage
  • Field & Warehouse Equipment Testing
  • Equipment & Ancillary Component Replacements
  • Disaster Recovery Services – 1st Responder Service Affecting Emergency Response & Co- ordination, Field OPS resources
  • Non-Service Affecting Call-outs
  • Failure Records, Trending Analysis & Recommendations

4. In-Building  DAS/Small  Cell Services

1) Service Offerings- In-Building DAS/Small  Cell Services


2) DAS Installation/ Commissioning
  • As a turn key provider we will handle the Installation and Commissioning of DAS systems
  • Our teams were involved in managing and delivering major DAS deployments, including BTS/eNB installs , Head End configurations, power installs, fiber runs, coax cabling, antenna installs etc.
  • Small Cell design and Deployments
  • OEM equipment installation and commissioning (Solid, Mobile Access, CommScope, Teko and TE Equipment)
  • Projects managed and delivered (Responsible for Construction & Project Management)
  • Microsoft Redmond Campus (8 Buildings, 3 Major carriers)
  • Seattle Tacoma Airport (Neutral Host DAS for all Tier-1 Carriers)
  • We have strong experience in wireless installation and commissioning. Our construction team successfully completed 45 construction projects and 50 installation and commissioning sites for major OEMs (CommScope, CMA, TE and Solid)
  • BTI offers an End-To-End Turnkey service to enable our clients to build DAS and Small Cell solutions that provide the best performance, on time and within budget
  • We help our clients identify BW needs, model the venue, walk it, benchmark it, design it, build it and optimize it
  • We pride ourselves in designing and building DAS and Small Cell systems for constructability and performance
  • The performance of the system capacity and throughputs are the key differentiators between DAS vendors and builders…”DAS system for just coverage is not good enough.”
  • Completed San Jose Convention Center DAS installation and turn-up